7. Graphic

7.1. General information
7.2. Important Menu Functions
7.3. Possible errors and solutions
7.1. General Information The graphic Window shows the course of the state functions.
When an user defined graphic variable is enabled in an application, The graphic axis and the Variable Boxes can or must be defined by user. Otherwise, The Variable Boxes and graphic axis exist as default.
When a Variable Box is selected in the drag down menu (combo box), the values of the corresponding y-axis will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of the window..

When the right mouse button pressed on an Variable Box, a popup menu will be shown.
Color:  A dialog box will be shown, in which the colour of the variable can be selected.
Select All: All variables in this Variable Box are shown in the graphic
Deselect All: All variables in this Variable Box are not shown in the graphic

The graphic ranges can be changed by arrow-buttons in the toolbar.

7.2. Important Menu Functions


Graphics -> User defined
: (check or not check) The menu exists, when an user defined graphic variable is optional  in an application, like Reaction or Pure Substance.
The Menu does not exist in Equilibrium and Recalculator, because only an user defined graphic is possible.
In Database Administration, the menu does not exits, because an user defined graphic variable ist not enable.

Graphic -> Variable Definition: when the graphic variables are to define, the variable can be selected in a dialog box.

Graphic -> Update : The graphic can sometime
Graphic -> Save as: graphic can be saved to a file in jpeg-, png- or bitmap format.
Graphic -> To Clipboard: the graphic is copied into clipboard, when a graphical clipboard exists in the operations system.

Settings -> Format Axis : Graphic Parameters


After setting of the graphic variables, the displayed range can also be shifted by using the arrow keys of the num-bloc of your keyboard.

Settings -> Graphic Colours: Definition of the colours for the background, frame, scales and fonts

7.3. Possible errors and solutions
7.3.1.:  The height of a variable box in the left side can not be resized. Change the height of the Graphic Window, or make the height of another variable box smaller.
7.3.2.: A part of Graphic Window can not changed, when the graphic variable or parameters is cahnged. Resize the Graphic Window.